Time for Snippet Saturday!

by | Aug 24, 2019

I’ve got another delicious snippet from Damaged for all of you lovelies! I’ll also have a special surprise for everyone in the next couple of weeks, and I’m super excited to share it with you!


“Your back, it aches, da?” Ilya gestured at her slumped shoulders, taking in the way she shifted and squirmed. At her wary look, he smiled wide, full of teeth and dangerous sincerity as he came around the counter.

“What are you doing?” Panic laced her voice as he took up the space behind her, warm and imposing as his shadow fell over her. Dwarfed under his size, she jostled and would have vaulted off the stool if his hands hadn’t held her to the chair.

“Calm, kroshka. It is only you and me. I will not tell.”

Before Quinn could fill her lungs with enough air to scream, his hands slipped down over the curve of her shoulders and dug into the knotted muscles of her lower back. Fingers kneading the snarled aches, he gave another delighted rumble when Quinn slumped.

Cheek meeting cool stone, Quinn held back the gratified moan that battered against the back of her teeth. Memories flooded her eyes, trickled over her lashes and stained her cheeks as she allowed the male to touch her. The deep, pinching pain was manipulated into something tolerable with each hard caress.

The preternatural calm was a lie, Devin realized. His body was poised, ready for the killing strike. It was his eyes though that showed his turmoil beyond the fixed stare. Clamping her lips into a hard line, she gave a minute shake of her head. Refusing to bare more of her soul to him.

“Despite sitting at that stupid desk, watching him destroy me a little more each day, you made it better,” she breathed, eyes widening as she willed her treacherous tongue to stop moving. “Just seeing you, even smelling you… There was hope, somewhere in all of it, and…”

“Enough.” His was a voice dragged over hot coals, wrenched from a place neither of them knew existed. A dark abyss that became more twisted, more voracious as Devin shone a glimpse of light upon it.

“You always made me feel safe.”

“And you hated my touch. Always yelling your accusations of stealing things from you, taking everything away,” he snarled against her lips. “You tried to kill both of us, to destroy all of this, and you expect me to believe I made you feel safe?”

“It scared me, Daniel.”

“And now you’re not, is that it?”

“Not of you.”

As if it had never faltered, the shimmering heat returned. It bloomed through her chest, tangling through her limbs as she struggled to work them free to return his crushing grasp. Whining low in her throat when he kept her imprisoned, she did the only thing she could. Arching her neck, she brought their lips flush. Her tongue teased at the tender flesh, begging for entry. Devin whimpered when he tore his mouth away.


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