Damaged is nigh!

by | Aug 7, 2019

The second book in the Omega’s Destruction trilogy, Damaged, is nearing completion! I am this close to being able to write The End once again. It’s a heady, intoxicating sort of feeling. One that I love and will never get enough of.

In honor of that, I’m posting the first official snippet from the book! Nothing too spoilery, but if you haven’t read Broken, the first in the series, now is your chance! Get to know Quinn, her trials and tribulations, and where life has left her before we find out what happens next in Damaged.

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Now on to the snippet!

Lee liked to play his games, liked to torture people. Never had he directed that attention onto her though. He’d coddle her, doting upon her with light touches and tender kisses as he worked his cruelties.

He had also never come to her room, her nest, smelling of it.

Uncertainty gnawing at her as Lee continued to stand stiff and unresponsive. Quinn aimed to resolve the problem the only way she knew how. An Alpha’s aggression could be managed one of two ways, and sex and violence weren’t so very far apart. Small fingers fumbling at the fly of his pants, Quinn started to go to her knees before him.

His growl punched down her spine, every vertebra locking up, frozen in terror. Controlled descent abandoned, she fell hard to her knees. The dull throb of pain didn’t even register. Head low, hands braced against the plush carpet, she lowered herself in submission to that sound.

The growl deepened, brimming with violence and anger she didn’t understand. There was nothing she had done to warrant this sudden turn, but she seemed to be the one that would suffer the brunt of it. Lowering herself further, kissing the floor, she groveled at the Alpha’s feet. It still wasn’t enough, his weight shifting, the muscles of his calves and thighs flexing.

“Please.” The word came out a plaintive whine, stretched thin with her fear. Fingers scratching across the lush pile, she edged her hand towards his shoe. Didn’t quite dare to mar the glossy surface of his shoe with her pinky.

The preternatural calm was a lie, Devin realized. His body was poised, ready for the killing strike. It was his eyes though that showed his turmoil beyond the fixed stare. Clamping her lips into a hard line, she gave a minute shake of her head. Refusing to bare more of her soul to him.

“Despite sitting at that stupid desk, watching him destroy me a little more each day, you made it better,” she breathed, eyes widening as she willed her treacherous tongue to stop moving. “Just seeing you, even smelling you… There was hope, somewhere in all of it, and…”

“Enough.” His was a voice dragged over hot coals, wrenched from a place neither of them knew existed. A dark abyss that became more twisted, more voracious as Devin shone a glimpse of light upon it.

“You always made me feel safe.”

“And you hated my touch. Always yelling your accusations of stealing things from you, taking everything away,” he snarled against her lips. “You tried to kill both of us, to destroy all of this, and you expect me to believe I made you feel safe?”

“It scared me, Daniel.”

“And now you’re not, is that it?”

“Not of you.”

As if it had never faltered, the shimmering heat returned. It bloomed through her chest, tangling through her limbs as she struggled to work them free to return his crushing grasp. Whining low in her throat when he kept her imprisoned, she did the only thing she could. Arching her neck, she brought their lips flush. Her tongue teased at the tender flesh, begging for entry. Devin whimpered when he tore his mouth away.


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