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by | Jan 21, 2020

Destroyed is now available for pre-order on Amazon and will be coming to a Kindle near you on February 13th 2020!
Get your copy here: https://smarturl.it/b62n2k

With a violent past and turbulent future, their love would never be easy. In this incredible conclusion to the Omega’s Destruction Trilogy, find out how they’ve overcome it all to find each other in their darkest moments.
Broken – Book One: https://smarturl.it/9iou9o
Damaged – Book Two: https://smarturl.it/he6uf0

In an extra special surprise, Broken and Damaged have new covers and all three books will be available in paperback! This is all so incredibly exciting and I’m so glad I can share it with you guys. Ahh! Read on after the beautiful image to get a snippet from Destroyed.

He was trying so damned hard, being so fucking careful. Quinn understood it as he kept his movements slow, easy, making sure not to startle her out of the dreamy calm. And she was calm, at least for the moment. All without him crushing her under his will, without forcing her hand. Without breaking her to his demands.

Whatever this truce was, it was only a breath away from being destroyed. One misinterpreted move, one careless word, and it would be a return to the grinding battle.

As Tobias stood before her, naked and in an obvious state of arousal that Quinn knew she couldn’t answer, she decided. Filling her lungs to the point of bursting, she held it as she reached for his hand. She couldn’t help averting her gaze or the way her head tried to turn away in a blatant sign of submission, but she still managed to slide her fingers over his. Curling her far smaller hand around the broadness of his palm, she dared to give him her back and a faint tug. Leading him into the bedroom and to her nest.

Swallowing hard, Quinn forced her hand to unclench from around his. Grimacing at the slick feel of clammy sweat coating her palm but determined nonetheless as she pressed her fingers to his chest. Uncertainty and a spark of hope raged between them, a silent storm that threatened to rip the entire moment into oblivion as Tobias sank back onto the bed.

Another calming breath saw her climbing up onto the huge mattress, crawling past him to the heavy drifts that surrounded her side of the bed. Though she was beginning to tremble, she turned back to him and met the brilliant green of his gaze for just a moment. Quinn knew what he wanted, could feel it winding through her veins in lazy pulses of searing heat. While some part of her, whether through the bond or routine alone, wanted to answer the green fire of his desire, she leaned over to arrange the blankets and sheets around them instead.

A low sound of strangled panic met his questioning fingers as they moved down the sensitive skin over her ribs. Quinn recoiled to curl up around herself, protecting the prickling patch of flesh. Counting the staccato of her heartbeat, the moment she could breathe she forced herself to unfurl. Stretching out alongside of him, she poked and prodded at the trunk like limbs of the Alpha whose confusion grew thicker and more agitated by the second.

Once positioned more or less in a way that suited her, Quinn heaved a sigh and collapsed into the bed. Tucked into his shadow, nose tight against his skin, she hauled the mass of blankets up over them both and yawned.

“Good night,” she mumbled, eyes drifting shut before the words had even finished slipping past her lips.

The preternatural calm was a lie, Devin realized. His body was poised, ready for the killing strike. It was his eyes though that showed his turmoil beyond the fixed stare. Clamping her lips into a hard line, she gave a minute shake of her head. Refusing to bare more of her soul to him.

“Despite sitting at that stupid desk, watching him destroy me a little more each day, you made it better,” she breathed, eyes widening as she willed her treacherous tongue to stop moving. “Just seeing you, even smelling you… There was hope, somewhere in all of it, and…”

“Enough.” His was a voice dragged over hot coals, wrenched from a place neither of them knew existed. A dark abyss that became more twisted, more voracious as Devin shone a glimpse of light upon it.

“You always made me feel safe.”

“And you hated my touch. Always yelling your accusations of stealing things from you, taking everything away,” he snarled against her lips. “You tried to kill both of us, to destroy all of this, and you expect me to believe I made you feel safe?”

“It scared me, Daniel.”

“And now you’re not, is that it?”

“Not of you.”

As if it had never faltered, the shimmering heat returned. It bloomed through her chest, tangling through her limbs as she struggled to work them free to return his crushing grasp. Whining low in her throat when he kept her imprisoned, she did the only thing she could. Arching her neck, she brought their lips flush. Her tongue teased at the tender flesh, begging for entry. Devin whimpered when he tore his mouth away.


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